What is a Vaporizers ???


What is a Vaporizers & Why is It Better than Traditional Cigarettes?


The other name of e-cigarettes is electric cigarettes and also known as the vaporizer cigarettes. Vaporizers are basically the devices that emit the doses of vaporized nicotine and it is inhaled. These types of devices are operated by the batteries and they can also provide the solutions of nicotine that are non-vaporized. According to the manufactures of these electric cigarettes that these electric cigarettes are the best alternative for the tobacco smokers and these tobacco smokers mostly avoid the tobacco smoking. 


Over 4000 different chemicals are included in the tobacco smoking and these are also very dangerous for their health and not only this, tobacco cigarettes caused major diseases. As compared to the tobacco smoke, the electric cigarettes or vaporizer give the same sensation to the smoker. The smoker gets the same feeling that he gets from the tobacco smoke.


The style of electric cigarettes is like a long tube it has different shapes like it looks like cigar or the pipe, it can also give a look like cigarette. While some of them looks like a ballpoint pen. Well majority of these electric cigarettes are reusable and they are refillable and replaceable cigarettes. Most of the electric cigarettes are also disposable.


In the year 2003, the devices of vaporizer were introduced by Hon Lik, a pharmacist located in China. In the year 2004, these vaporizer firstly entered into the market of China. In the year 2005 and 2006, China started exporting it to the major markets and the name was changed to Ruyan from the Dragon Holdings. 


There are most of the models that are automatic and the user will suck it. A heating element is activated by a sensor and a liquid solution is vaporized held in the mouth piece.


It is totally up to the choice of the user whether they want to have the nicotine in the cigarette as a flavor liquid solution. In the models, there was a button in the product that was used for heating the element. There is an LED light which is for indicating the user whether the heating has started or not or the device is ready for the user so he can inhale. The light indicates the user about when to start smoking.


Components of the E-cigarette


Following are some of the components of these vaporizer; 




The mouthpiece is also known as the cartridge. To the end of the tube it is fixed with. There is a cup of plastic that is in the mouthpiece holding a material that is absorbent and it is drenched into the liquid solution. 


Instead of using the cartridge the user can also use the dip trips. The absorbing material which is placed is removed and the drops of liquid are directly placed into the bridge of atomizer. 




It is basically an element which heats and it also heats up with the liquid and it also causes to vaporize, so the user will also be able to breathe when inhale. Periodically an atomizer needs to be replaced after 3 to 6 months.


Now you know that Vaporizers are a good choice instead of smoking traditional cigarettes and stay safe.